Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Smack Talk 101, Part 3: Compare and Contrast

Welcome to the third installment of the Smack Talk 101, Compare and Contrast. This is a very good offensive move that is sure to get some good jabs at your buddies.

Let's say Peyton Manning and I are hanging out, which we do pretty often :-). And I'm walking out back to......... I don't know smoke a joint or fly a space shuttle or whatever else I do in this crazy fantasy world I'm in. And I say "Hey Peyt (my nickname for him), throw me a beer". So he tosses one, and it lands about 10 feet from where I am. As a quick on my feet smack talker, I decide to move in for the "compare and contrast" diss: "Man, Eli would NEVER have missed that one". POW, right in the kisser. Simple, and immedeitely get's the point across.

This simple technique works best if you compare/contrast them with competitors, siblings, or enemies.

Need another example?? I know you don't, but here's one anyway. Let's say my STAUNCH republican friend and I are hanging out, and he says, "Hey man, I forgot my wallet, can you spot me $20 for some crack?". My response is "Sure Obama, let me just pay for everything for you!!". Boom, right in the five hole.

Get it? Got it? Good!


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