Sunday, December 13, 2009

Julian Seinfeld???

Twins separated at birth???? HA!!!

Actually my Seinfeld reference has nada to do with looks, but there is a very strong similarity we do have.

You remember the Seinfeld episode where one of Jerry's many girlfriends decides to break up with him? And instead of being upset, or even angry, he simply says "That's OK, I'll get another one". He then goes on to explain to her: "You see, things always have a way of working out for me", said with a "life's a bowl of cherries" smile on his face.

I feel me and Jerry share this very awesome and sometimes bizarre trait. People always tell me I'm so easy going, not easily stirred up , and just always cool, calm, and collective, or collected, whatever the hell the saying is.

I wish I could tell you that I'm just an iron gutted bad ass that doesn't let ANYTHING bother him, but the reality is that experience has taught me to actually enjoy a shitty day, because tomorrow is going to KICK ASS!! And when money seems tight, or I have some random weird crap going on, to take a note from my good buddy Bobby McFerrin and "Don't worry, Be Happy".

Now don't take this like I don't realize how blessed I am. I thank God everyday for all the wonderful things in my life that I certainly don't deserve. I sit here typing one handed holding my amazing son in my other hand just marveling at his every move.

And don't think it doesn't come with a down side. I often feel like I'm not as prepared as I should be; ya know, more money in the bank and better insurance and a good "game plan" for all the crazy crap I do. And one day my lackadaisical attitude might just bite me in the butt, but ya know what??? Even then things will work out.

They always do...........................................................................................


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pre Holiday Madness

Hey.....uh....... this is.... uh........ this is Tiger.

Sorry, I can't stop laughing everytime I listen to that voicemail he left that chick. That chick who apparantly is one of the many that were in contact with Tiger's Wood. I tried to send Elin an invitation to come stay at the Case household whilst (yeah whilst) this whole thing blows over, but I think my phone may be jacked, because I haven't heard back yet. Wait I just got a text!!! Oh no it was someone else. Anyway....................................................

So the pre holiday madness is here, which means if you drive your car within a 5 mile radius of 71st and Memorial, you will be stuck in traffic for a minimum of 30-45 minutes. But the holidays also bring many joys, such as family time, holiday parties (open bar=WHOO HOO!!), and lots of Football. YEAH!! And of course the always fun New Years Eve celebration.

So I guess I'll just kick my feet up, relax, and enjoy all the wonderful things I've blessed with this year, a wonderful wife, an amazing son, and all the best friends I could ask for; just to name a few.

See Ya!!!!


Monday, November 23, 2009

Time For Another Brain Dump

Ok as far as "Father and Son" pics, this is by far my favorite . He looks so grown up and his little up on the heels Michael Jackson footwork is AWESOME. He really needs his head down holding onto his fedora. Anyway............

Well the Holiday season is upon us once again and as usual it seems like we just had one, but I'm not going to beat the "time flies" horse anymore than it already gets beat this time of year. Anyway... not sure where I'm going with that.

But the good news is Coop is taking solids with his formula, and that's not only helping his relfux a TON, but he's sleeping longer, so me and momma are in better moods also. It's way early for his digestive system to be having cereal, but it's way easier on him that that relflux. Talk about sad and painful looking.

But anyway, hopefully this three day week will fly by and I'll be up on the roof cussing whilst (that's right WHILST) trying to put up Christmas lights in no time!

Then it's Bedlam. Orange Power bitches. Sorry Sooners, this is the one time of the year when I'm rootin against ya. No hard feelings? I hope we can still be friends.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mid Life Crisis at 27

Worlds largest chair, or worlds smallest kid?? You decide!! well he's definitely the worlds cutest either way. Sitting up all grown up and holding his head up SO much better.

Well I think I finally came out the other end of my mid life crisis. And just for the record, it was NEVER a "did I make the right decision having a kid" crisis. It was more of a "3 years from 30 what the hell am I doing with my life" crisis. After Cooper came, I suddenly felt a much more heightened sense of responsibility along with a severe choke up on my free time. So of course I'm thinking that I should have done more with my pre-kid years, and now I'll NEVER have time for it. Thus the panic crisis begins.

Luckily, I had an epiphany like never before. Sure I could have gone to med school, or law school, or 5 million other scenarios that would have landed me in a high paying "important" job, but then what would have suffered?? My marriage??My becoming a parent?? My amazing bond with my friends and family?? My guess is all of the above. I can think of so many single moments in my life that LITERALLY molded me to be the person I am today.Without them, who would I be?? And I highly doubt any of those high paying "important" jobs would allow me the flexibility to not only pursue side projects, but also leave work for every ultrasound and Dr appointment for my baby boy. Yeah every single one.

So in closing, I realized that when I look on my life years and years (and years) from now, I'll probably wish I'd done more with my professional career. But as long as I can say that my family and friends ALWAYS came first over all else, I'll have no regrets. I can live with wishing I'd worked more.........................

And I'll probably always be a victim of my own ambition. It's like I have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other, only in my situation there's an angel in a three piece suit driving a Lambo with a country club membership on one shoulder, and a crazy tired guy with 10 kids hanging off of him, driving a Mini Van to a soccer game on the other shoulder.

I warned you in my first blog how weird my mind in sometimes, NOW do you believe me??

Till next time.......................

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hola Blogerinos

Blogerinos, is that even a word?? Oh well screw it.

So how's everyone? Everything in the Case household is great! Our sweet baby boy is 6 weeks today. Yeah, SIX frekin weeks already, I really can't believe it. I swear we were going to St. Louis yesterday for our first round if IVF. Now he's out and growing like a weed.

It's funny how someone so small can bring you to your knees (literally), and then other times somehow make even the baddest of bad days not really seem that bad. It really puts things in perspective. Like "hey some douche bag in traffic cut me off, or work was a pain in the ass, but who really cares, I'm headed to see Coop and Mommy".

So anyway's hope everyoe has a good week, I'll be in Norman visitng the fam and catching the OU vs Kansas State on Sat night.

Coops tired, so mommy and daddy are taking advantage and going to bed.

To Be Continued............................

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hello Bloggers

Hello blog world. This is the Random Crap Blog. And if you're wondering what will be discussed on this blog, I've decided....................... random crap.

My mind goes is so many directions all the time, and I sometime find myself very interesting, other times funny, A LOT of the times dumb.

So I figured I would just randomly blog about whatever's on my mind; and who knows, maybe start some interesting conversations. Or at least give people a glimpse into my weird, messed up, sometimes confused mind.


P.S. I've enclosed a picture of my adorable son in the bathtub with his poker face on. He's gonna be great one day. I mean he already is, but......... you know what I mean.