Thursday, July 29, 2010

International Burn a Koran Day

Finally, a Blog with some Controversy!! As an avid Lex and Terry listener, I was surprised to hear they had a very special guest on yesterday: "Dr" Terry Jones, leader of the Dove World Outreach Center. He was on there hyping up a "very special" even on September 11th called "International Burn a Koran Day". It's exactly what it sounds like, and Lex and Terry, along with myself and pretty much anyone with a brain found this guy so DUMB, it was actually entertaining.

Of course "Dr." Jones hates Muslims. He also hates homosexuals, and a whole mess of people that weren't a member of his "church" (Church of 30 members BTW). BTW, if you're wondering why the Dr in his title is quoted, it's because he is a "Dr of divinity", as he calls it......... Translation: I want people to think I know a lot, so I added the Dr title. He's as much of a Dr. as Gene Simmons is Dr. Love.

Anyway, as most of you know, I'm pretty open minded. I'm a christian heterosexual man that married a woman of his own race. But I think that people should do whatever makes them happy. If you're gay, fine, be gay, enjoy life and fuck what anyone thinks. Same thing for interracial relationships (yes believe it or not, there's still people that feel like they need to throw down on THAT too). Don't believe in God? That's your deal, not mine. Don't push you're beliefs on me and I won't push mine on you, deal?

It pains me to see someone hate on ALL Muslims because of 9/11. Hey I'm a white boy from Oklahoma, I guess that means that sooner or later I'm gonna drive a Ryder truck full of explosives to a building and light the fuse huh? Why not?? McVeigh did it?

Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? Tell that to Dr. Jones. And BTW who doesn't think of that adorable Asian kid from Indiana Jones every time I say Dr. Jones??

Anyway, Dr. Jones, if you're out there, good luck on 9/11/10. I hope you bring enough attention to your "church" to satisfy whatever money or attention starved agenda is hidden behind all these "beliefs" your bullshitting about.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Movie Review: Predators

Ok, since I know you all LOVE hearing my opinions on every frekin thing, I thought I would start doing some movie reviews. Don't worry, with a 10 month old, and a MAJOR backyard renovation going on, I'm lucky to catch a movie every couple of months. So you won't have to worry about reading too many of these.

As a huge fan of the original Predator movie, I was very excited to hear about Predators coming out. It seemed that after all the Alien vs Predator crap, they'd finally gotten back to the original bad ass jungle madness. Well........... be careful what you wish for.

If you're going to see the movie, don't read on, as there are some spoilers!!

First off, The main "good guy" role couldn't have been cast worst. Seriously, we go from this guy:

To this guy:

Really?? This guy?? I feel like asking him for advice on what shoes to wear with this tie, not how to kill a planet of crazy aliens. And the WHOLE movie he had the "Dark Knight" low gruff voice that made you wanna jump through the screen and feed him to one of the Predators.

And I know I said I was excited to see them get back to the "Old School Predator" roots, but I didn't realize that meant an EXACT clone of the classic 1987 movie. I'm serious, each character in the movie was basically a poor mans version of one of the original characters in Predator.

Anyway, you get the idea. And it didn't just stop at the characters. The classic "What..... the Fuck are You??" line was in there. Covering yourself in mud to hide the heat signature for the final battle with the Predator??........ Oh yeah that was in there two. And............ strangely enough, the main good guy and only female in the movie are the only two that survived. Can you believe it?? And on and on and on.........................

So in closing, if you wanna see Predators, I suggest you just rent the original. You'll be happy you did......


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Keep It Simple

I truly believe that so many people over complicate their lives. Myself included sometimes. But I AM working on it, and I think you ALL should do the same. Simplify your life and you WILL see your stress level drop. Trust me, I know :-)

Here's a great example I love sharing.

As many of you may or may not know, the Golden Gate Bridge is not only the most popular place in the USA to commit suicide, but the most popular place in THE WORLD.

One psychiatrist noticed a very interesting trend among the jumpers: They always jumped off the side that faced San Francisco. Fascinated by this, he set out to figure out why. He spent years and TONS of money doing research, wondering if people were wanting to get one last look at the city that had done them wrong, or maybe that side would make them more visible to passers by, creating more of a spectacle. He researched these theories, along with TONS of others, until he finally got the break he was looking for (no pun intended).

A jumper had survived, and like always, he had jumped off the side facing San Francisco. The psychiatrist rushed to meet the man, who was badly injured, but alive and somewhat coherant. Excited to finally get some insight on this conundrum that he'd spent all this time and money on, he asked the man why.

The man responded "well, that's the only side you can park on".....................

Keep it simple...................