Thursday, July 1, 2010

Keep It Simple

I truly believe that so many people over complicate their lives. Myself included sometimes. But I AM working on it, and I think you ALL should do the same. Simplify your life and you WILL see your stress level drop. Trust me, I know :-)

Here's a great example I love sharing.

As many of you may or may not know, the Golden Gate Bridge is not only the most popular place in the USA to commit suicide, but the most popular place in THE WORLD.

One psychiatrist noticed a very interesting trend among the jumpers: They always jumped off the side that faced San Francisco. Fascinated by this, he set out to figure out why. He spent years and TONS of money doing research, wondering if people were wanting to get one last look at the city that had done them wrong, or maybe that side would make them more visible to passers by, creating more of a spectacle. He researched these theories, along with TONS of others, until he finally got the break he was looking for (no pun intended).

A jumper had survived, and like always, he had jumped off the side facing San Francisco. The psychiatrist rushed to meet the man, who was badly injured, but alive and somewhat coherant. Excited to finally get some insight on this conundrum that he'd spent all this time and money on, he asked the man why.

The man responded "well, that's the only side you can park on".....................

Keep it simple...................


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