Wednesday, June 16, 2010

3/4 of a YEAR!!!!!!!

Holy crap, I can NOT believe my baby boy is already 9 months old!! I swear only yesterday we were bringing his little 6 pound self home and trying to figure out how to take care of someone who depends on you for EVERYTHING!!! Crazy I tell you.

He's got to be at least 18 pounds now, and if you ask him, he's already an adult. He doesn't care much for cuddling anymore :-( and his number one priority BY FAR is figuring out what he's not supposed to be getting into, and then getting into it.

He's so energetic and full of life, he truly inspires me every morning when he wakes up, gives me a huge smile, and takes off at full speed for whatever that day's adventure is.

Coop, Daddy's so proud of you already. You're such an amazing boy, and I really can't imagine life without you. Oh, and try to stay away from the trash can. I now it's a pretty cool contraption from your view, but it's nasty.................


Smack Talk 101, "Of Course............"

Good morning my neighbors!!!!!!!! How is everyone?? Well it's been a while since I've had ANY blog, let alone another Smack Talk 101. But I wanted to make sure everyone wasn't getting sick of me (god I'm so needy sometimes). Anyway, this segment touches on a VERY quick, and effective diss that is not only good for a quick strike, but can sometimes cause "Mental Warfare".

We all remember American Beauty right? Ya know the Kevin Spacey movie; mid life crisis, daughter w slutty friend, loser wife that hooks up with the crazy eyebrow guy?? Ya know.... this one:

Yeah I knew you'd remember. Anyway, one big point that Mena Suvari's character was constantly trying to make was how much it sucks to be "normal", "ordinary" or "predictable". And all though her character in the movie was very hot.. errrr, I mean shallow, she brings up a good point; we all want to be thought of as special, or unique, and it's pretty surprising how many people take offense to simply being called : ordinary.

Which brings me to my diss...............

Let's get a few examples: We all know the "One Up" guy/gal in any circle of friends. No matter what you've done, they did it the week before. If you make 8 bucks an hour, they make 9, you get it. So let's say you're hanging out, and you mention that you're going to take a trip to Vegas. And all of the sudden, One Up guy jumps in "Oh yeah, I go there all the time, I have a permanent room at the Wynn and they always comp me stuff and I was in the owners wedding blah blah blah". At that point, just let it out: "Well of course you do".

It may seem subtle, but two things just happened: One, everyone in the room just gave you standing ovation in their heads, and two, you just dropped a "smart bomb" in the douchebag's head. And minutes, hours, or maybe days later he's gonna be wondering what the hell that means, and who the hell you think you are. And that's the "mental warfare" part of it. A war you easily win with your subtle but deadly diss.

It also works on other types, like the "Bitch" of the group: "And I told that ho that if she ever touched my man, I'd kick her ass"............. "Of course you did". As if to say, "Yes, you're a bitch...... we get it." Oh you're so cool, you're not afraid to "go there".

Anyway, you get the idea. Find a person with a very predictable personality, and tee off on it every chance you get.

Have a great week, and as always, comments, suggestions, hate mail, and whatever else is welcome.