Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hola Blogerinos

Blogerinos, is that even a word?? Oh well screw it.

So how's everyone? Everything in the Case household is great! Our sweet baby boy is 6 weeks today. Yeah, SIX frekin weeks already, I really can't believe it. I swear we were going to St. Louis yesterday for our first round if IVF. Now he's out and growing like a weed.

It's funny how someone so small can bring you to your knees (literally), and then other times somehow make even the baddest of bad days not really seem that bad. It really puts things in perspective. Like "hey some douche bag in traffic cut me off, or work was a pain in the ass, but who really cares, I'm headed to see Coop and Mommy".

So anyway's hope everyoe has a good week, I'll be in Norman visitng the fam and catching the OU vs Kansas State on Sat night.

Coops tired, so mommy and daddy are taking advantage and going to bed.

To Be Continued............................

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hello Bloggers

Hello blog world. This is the Random Crap Blog. And if you're wondering what will be discussed on this blog, I've decided....................... random crap.

My mind goes is so many directions all the time, and I sometime find myself very interesting, other times funny, A LOT of the times dumb.

So I figured I would just randomly blog about whatever's on my mind; and who knows, maybe start some interesting conversations. Or at least give people a glimpse into my weird, messed up, sometimes confused mind.


P.S. I've enclosed a picture of my adorable son in the bathtub with his poker face on. He's gonna be great one day. I mean he already is, but......... you know what I mean.