Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pre Holiday Madness

Hey.....uh....... this is.... uh........ this is Tiger.

Sorry, I can't stop laughing everytime I listen to that voicemail he left that chick. That chick who apparantly is one of the many that were in contact with Tiger's Wood. I tried to send Elin an invitation to come stay at the Case household whilst (yeah whilst) this whole thing blows over, but I think my phone may be jacked, because I haven't heard back yet. Wait I just got a text!!! Oh no it was someone else. Anyway....................................................

So the pre holiday madness is here, which means if you drive your car within a 5 mile radius of 71st and Memorial, you will be stuck in traffic for a minimum of 30-45 minutes. But the holidays also bring many joys, such as family time, holiday parties (open bar=WHOO HOO!!), and lots of Football. YEAH!! And of course the always fun New Years Eve celebration.

So I guess I'll just kick my feet up, relax, and enjoy all the wonderful things I've blessed with this year, a wonderful wife, an amazing son, and all the best friends I could ask for; just to name a few.

See Ya!!!!



  1. His voicemail cracks me up too..I just posted a blog this week about the woods situation. It get crazier everyday. No longer can a man just say he is going to shoot some balls at the driving range!

  2. You crack me up. I love it. So funny.