Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mid Life Crisis at 27

Worlds largest chair, or worlds smallest kid?? You decide!! well he's definitely the worlds cutest either way. Sitting up all grown up and holding his head up SO much better.

Well I think I finally came out the other end of my mid life crisis. And just for the record, it was NEVER a "did I make the right decision having a kid" crisis. It was more of a "3 years from 30 what the hell am I doing with my life" crisis. After Cooper came, I suddenly felt a much more heightened sense of responsibility along with a severe choke up on my free time. So of course I'm thinking that I should have done more with my pre-kid years, and now I'll NEVER have time for it. Thus the panic crisis begins.

Luckily, I had an epiphany like never before. Sure I could have gone to med school, or law school, or 5 million other scenarios that would have landed me in a high paying "important" job, but then what would have suffered?? My marriage??My becoming a parent?? My amazing bond with my friends and family?? My guess is all of the above. I can think of so many single moments in my life that LITERALLY molded me to be the person I am today.Without them, who would I be?? And I highly doubt any of those high paying "important" jobs would allow me the flexibility to not only pursue side projects, but also leave work for every ultrasound and Dr appointment for my baby boy. Yeah every single one.

So in closing, I realized that when I look on my life years and years (and years) from now, I'll probably wish I'd done more with my professional career. But as long as I can say that my family and friends ALWAYS came first over all else, I'll have no regrets. I can live with wishing I'd worked more.........................

And I'll probably always be a victim of my own ambition. It's like I have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other, only in my situation there's an angel in a three piece suit driving a Lambo with a country club membership on one shoulder, and a crazy tired guy with 10 kids hanging off of him, driving a Mini Van to a soccer game on the other shoulder.

I warned you in my first blog how weird my mind in sometimes, NOW do you believe me??

Till next time.......................


  1. Your the best. Truly the best.

  2. We all question our future at times...as well as our past. I am glad that you are resolved that your path is the right one, but never lose your ability to evaluate, because if you don't an opportunity could pass by...so you are doing great...keep going and if a fork in the road comes in your career path....never fear we are all behind you!!