Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Smack Talk 101

Has their ever been a been a better shit talker than Cassius Clay??

Yeah I didn't think so either.

In my effort to support my Hugh Jass ego, that actually thinks I have something useful to contribute to society, I've decided to post a series of articles about one of the few things I'm pretty damn good at; and that's talking smack. DAMN what a long sentence!!

Anyway, this will be a 5 part series that's guaranteed to make you better at talking smack with your friends, enemies, or anyone in between!

Smack talking, talkin shit, throwing down, whatever you wanna call it, is a delicate art. Lay it on too thick, and you'll come off as a douche bag:

Too thin, and you identify yourself as a doormat, for people to take advantage of and crap on:

But what you're looking for is the perfect combination. And I have 5 simple rules to making that happen:

Each will be discussed separately in each of the 5 installments of Smack Talk 101.

The first two are defensive, and by FAR the most important. And the last three are offensive. Those are the most fun, but are not even a close second in importance to the first two.

1. Don't be a bitch.
2. Beat them to the Punch.
3. Compare and Contrast.
4. Sarcasm is golden.
5. Talk smack without saying a word.

Look for the first installment soon.

And as always feel free to submit your questions, comments, or whatever else to me any frekin way you can!


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  1. I think your the funniest person I know!