Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Smack Talk 101, Part One: Don't Be a Bitch

Welcome to Part One of a the Smack Talk 101 series: Don't Be a Bitch.

This is pretty self explanatory, but it still needs to be addressed. As a 24/7/365 smack talker, I dish out my fair share of disses, so of course I get more than a king's share thrown back at me. It's important that you learn to "own them". If you get a good diss thrown your way that really hits you between the eyes, all you can do is smile, and say "you asshole, you got me". Even it it kinda cuts deep, don't EVER............EVER let someone know they got to you.

Trust me, if you try to be a baby that wants to take his/her toys and go home, not only will you look like a total biotch, but you basically just slit your wrist over a shark's tank. And when they get a whiff of that blood, you're toast. Next thing you know, your crying yourself to sleep wondering what the hell just happened.

It's kinda like that Chinese finger trap, the more you resist, the more trapped you get.

So remember, if you get a good diss thrown your way, own it. Take your medicine and move on. Don't be a............ well you know.


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  1. Julian...priceless...is your suggestion somewhat similar to the "smile and nod" practice? Love ya!