Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dear Jules, Vol. 1

Dear Jules,

One of my students told me today that she doesn't like our class because most of the kids in there are weird and annoying. I think that the class is fun, a little immature, but they laugh at my jokes and they tell funny stories to the class. I told her to lighten up a light and she said, but it is 7th hour, we should all be tired and ready to go home. What would you have said?"

Sincerely, "Uncertain how to answer teacher"

Ahhhh, the classic "Too cool for school" kid.


I'm kind of a dick, especially when a "cool kid" tries to be even cooler by making a comment like that. My first response would have been "I'm sorry, we're just not NEAR cool enough for you", in the most ass whiped, sarcastic tone you can conjure up. Not only does that isolate that douche kid from the rest of the class, but it forms a bit camaraderie between you and the other "weird and annoying" kids in the class. I don't really know if isolation is frowned upon amongst teachers, but I do it often when I need to put someone in their place.

Then I might have thrown something in like "maybe you're tired and ready to go home, but I'm still energized, being that I didn't wear myself out being a downer all day". Ya know, more of a subtle jab to get em thinking.

I call them jabs, because at the time, the person might not even really realize what you mean, but for the rest of the day, that little comment will be floating around in their head driving them nuts.

And that's when victory is yours.......................

Till next time,


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  1. Nice! Lovin the answers. Classic Juels!