Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life Update

Anyone remember this guy? He's the crazy baby selling biker guy from Raising Arizona. He used to scare the shit out of me when I was a kid.

So anyway, with all the crazy informative blogs lately, I really haven't been keeping anyone updated on what's up with me. Not that it's all that interesting, but are any of my blogs really all that interesting??

My life hasn't changed all that much. Coop is now crawling and climbing up on EVERYTHING, which means no more set him down and watch TV. But it's so amazing to see him learn to balance, and "cruise" along the coffee table and it seems like half the time we go into his room while he's supposed to be napping, he's standing in his crib just checking out the world.

Every thing's so new to him. Rain, Snow, Solid Food, Soon to be The Blazing Oklahoma Heat, etc. We should all be so lucky to have our minds blown on a daily basis.

What a great kid, he sleeps good, smiles ALL the time, and if you don't fall in love with him the moment you meet him, don't even worry about getting to know me.

And his mom is blowing my mind constantly as always. To see her transform into this amazing mother pretty much instantly is so inspiring to me. Every day is a gift with those two, let me tell you. What ever I did to deserve them is BEYOND me!!

Here's a few pics of the clan, not the Klan, but the Case Clan.


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  1. I just saw this post. Your so sweet honey! Coop and I are blessed to have you, you amaze us also. We love you.