Monday, May 10, 2010


Hello my people of the Blog World. I hope you enjoy my little blog, and I appreciate you stopping by.

As always, comments and suggestions are not only allowed, but STRONGLY encouraged. After all, this is for all of your enjoyment, so feedback is crucial!

I wanted to keep you all abreast (he he breast) of a few things. As you can see, I've added a news segment, which I try to update at least a few times a week so you can all stay informed, as well as a video player of some random funny crap for your enjoyment also! So you don't just have to read my ramblings when you happen to stumble over here.

Anyway, the Smack Talk 101 course is almost completed, but I'm already developing another course thanks to some feedback from a fan. See..... the feedback works!

My next course, which will be a practical guide to golfing, from a drunken, 30 handicap (on a good day)'s perspective. I haven't quite figured out a name, but as always, I'm up for suggestions.

And as always, the normal Random Crap Blog Segments are in full effect! And what are those you ask??

Douchebag of the Week (Every Tuesday)
Ask Jules (On demand)
Smack Talk 101 (Last segment this week!)

And much more to come!

Have a good week,


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