Thursday, May 13, 2010

Balls Up Chapter 1, Quick Run of Golf Lessons

Not gonna waste a lot of time here. Believe it or not, actually playing well is a DISTANT 5th on my priorities behind 1: Having fun, 2: Getting a nice buzz, 3: Talking Crap, and 4: Getting some sun on my white ass.

So here's my quick, yet effective strategy for when you actually have to set down your beer, be quiet, and hit the ball once in a while.

Balls: Cheap. The cheaper the better.

Clubs: Honestly, whatever looks and makes you feel like a BAD ASS, that's what you should buy. Who cares how cheap or expensive they are.

Off the tee: If it's not a par 3, Driver. End of story. Put that stupid ass hybrid up, no one from the tour is scouting you today, and I highly doubt you're going to hit that silly looking thing good anyway. Quit taking yourself so seriously. Driver all the way.

Irons: Take one more club than you think you need, and swing easy. Like a pitching wedge. Nice..... and easy.

Shot Shaping: If you wanna try to draw it, go for it. Hit a high cut, or a low fade, or hell, try to clear some tall trees. You might not make it, but you probably won't hit it straight if you try that either, so who gives a shit?? Just have fun out there.

Lay up or go for it: I hope you don't ever ask yourself this question, but if you do.............. GO FOR IT!!! If you have 225 yards to clear water and you hit your 3 wood 226 yards, you damn well better go for it. If you hit your 3 wood 220 yards, use your driver off the ground. Yes you can do that and no it won't hurt your precious 800 dollar Taylormade CRZ-99LBT with adjustable weighting parameter zone distribution.

On the green. Putt it in the damn hole. If it's within the steel part of you putter shaft to the hole, it's a gimme. I don't give a shit if it's for eagle or triple bogey. Pick it up.

I think that's it............ any questions??

Don't you love getting golf advise from a guy probably breaks 100 25% of the time??


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