Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Be the "Guy that goes to shit"

Why is this funny? I don't know either, but it sure as hell makes me laugh.

I apologize for the near 2 month blogging sabbatical, rest assured I've still been keeping up with you guys, all 4 of you or however many there are. I've been a busy man, I moved my shop, put Coop into, and back out of daycare, and pretty sure I gained a few pounds.

For those of you Catholic followers, can we get a big HELL YEAH for the end of Lent coming up in less than 5 days! Man I'm gonna drink so much coffee I'll be wired for days!! And I'll probably have a few coney's, and some pop, but I REALLY miss my coffee. I guess that's the point right?

On a more serious note, a dear friend of mine lost his Mom. She was a wonderful lady; all though I never really knew her that well, if you've ever met any of her 5 children, there's no doubt she was a wonderful parent and a wonderful person to be around (man what a long sentence). We will miss you Pat.

Going to her funeral yesterday reminded me of how important it is to me to be "The guy that goes to shit". It seems like every time there's a wedding, a funeral (wait, aren't those the same?? :-), a B Day party, an engagement party, bachelor party, you get the idea. Anyway, anytime there's an event like that, I'm there, as long as I was invited of course. For two reasons, one, I like to party, and two: Nothing I'm doing is more important. Not work, not Greys Anatomy, or checking my Facebook, or even checking my Blog (yeah I said it).

In my life I've been to several funerals, and god knows how many weddings, and so on. And I've never once thought "Jeez I wish I'd gone to work instead today, imagine the work I could have gotten done!" but I've missed 2 funerals in my life that I really wish I'd been to. I don't even remember what I was doing that day that JUST couldn't wait, but I know for sure it wasn't one tenth as important to paying my respects to people that I will NEVER get the chance to pay my respects to again. Well........... not in this life.

So since then it's always been important to me to "be the guy that goes to shit. To be there for people when they celebrate their love, or their life, or the fact that they're another year older, or maybe some poor sap that's getting married and wants one last blow out with the guys.

Besides, I'm always up for a party....................................................



  1. You are so right Julian. Just Monday I talked a friend in to attending a funeral based on the two reasons that I think you should always go if you possibly can. One, it shows respect for the deceased and the more people that come the more respect that is shown. Two, as sad as it is it is a time for friends and family to get together, share memories, laugh and cheer each other up. We do not go to funerals for ourselves we go for the family members that are left behind...they need us!! Great post...love ya!

  2. wow! this is great!!! You really have a way with words.....Can we start posting "dear julian" questions to get your opinion on things. Like you read in the saturday paper. here's the first one....

    Dear Julian, One of my students told me today that she doesn't like our class becuase most of the kids in there are weird and annoying. I think that the class is fun, a little immature, but they laugh at my jokes and they tell funny stories to the class. I told her to lighten up a light and she said, but it is 7th hour, we should all be tired and ready to go home. What would you have said?"
    Sincerely, "Uncertain how to answer teacher"