Monday, February 1, 2010

Brain Dump

Hello my loyal followers, I apologize for not posting recently. I've been busy with this crazy kid named Cooper, and his even crazier momma, some of you may know her too :-).

I've also been on a fairly hardcore marketing campaign for my business, which includes several new advertising avenues, including my Car Car Blog, which you all need to join. Go ahead I'll wait........ just click on the pretty pic of Coop and Momma and daddy somewhere over here >>>, and click on it, go to my blogs, and follow Case Auto Specialists. Go ahead, do it. NOW!! Thanks, I appreciate it. You'll now recieve 5% off all services.

Case Auto has been a passion of mine for some years now, and it's also the love child of my crazy ambition and my love of working with my hands. Let's hope this marketing campaign helps spice up revenues, because as much as I love doing something on "The Side", I no longer have the time for a part time gig AND a full time job as well. So 2010 will either bring my sweet love child Case Auto to "Legit Business" status, or it will be the end of my side project, depending on how well I do marketing and promoting my business.

But enough of the serious adult crap, this is going to be an exiting month, Superbowl Sunday is in 6 days, Valentines Day is quickly approaching, and for all my Catholic friends out there, it's ash Wednesday. I can't believe it's almost lent again. Crazy how the time files. Not sure what I'm giving up yet, but I'm sure it will be torture as usual. That's the point right?

Man what a jumbled up mess this blog was!! I should go back, edit, and organize it, but that would defeat the whole "brain dump" idea wouldn't it??

See Ya!!


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  1. I love you are the best and I will pray for you to be successful in whatever you do!! Love ya, Mom