Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cram Blog

Well I have only myself to blame for letting time slip away since my last entry. He he that sounded dirty. But alot has happened in the world and I'm just gonna have to cram it all into one blog and....... what shall I call it?? I'll think of something.

Well first (first picture) my Cowboys are finally learning how to win in December, and let's hope they can duplicate the ass whipping they handed to the Eagles again this Saturday. Nothing would make me happier than to experience my first Superbowl with Cooper by watching the Cowboys go all the way!!!!!!!

Second, a very talented but not well known musician was lost last week. James Sullivan, better known as "The Rev" from Avenged Sevenfold died last week of "Natural Causes'. Not sure what's so "Natural" about dying at 28, but he was a truly gifted drummer and had the FASTEST feet I've ever heard. Man that guy was good. And I would like to thank MSN for announcing his death in a half page article that aired for a whole 45 mins (literally). I know, I know, the world can't rest until they know where Tiger's wife is grocery shopping at today. Anyway, Rev, you'll be missed by many, including myself. RIP Bro...........................

And last but not least, The 10 Goat. I was digging for a nice pic to represent the turning of the new year, and I think I'm gonna make this little bugger my mascot for this year. He'll even be on my New Years Resolution sheet that I type up every year and stick up next to this very computer I'm typing. Which reminds me, I have an idea. I'll post my NYR's on here, and you post yours, that way we can help each other be accountable for our yearly goals. Ya know the whole "People Helping People" thing. And my resolutions for 2010 could not be ANY more generic, but here they are, in no particular order.

There all number based, thus easy to remember.

175: Target weight. Currently 195.
6:15: Latest I should be allowed to sleep in.
5: Number of miles I will be running every week. Currently running 0.
75: The number of push ups I WILL be doing EVERY night before bed (around 50ish now).

Well there ya go, Merry 2010!!


  1. Good luck with your nyr's. I need you to help me stick to mine. And mine is to loose the fake baby that still resides on my stomach.

  2. Humm, my NYR, to rock this National Board stuff!!! You betcha! I will be one happy camper if it works out for me this year!